Work Works - The Doe Fund
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Work Works

Communities of all sizes can benefit from Work Works. Check out our feature in Public Management from the International City/County Management Association to learn how!

Work Works Model Sites

Interested in starting a Work Works model in your community?

The Doe Fund has successfully inspired and created regional programs based on our holistic model that combines paid work with career training, transitional housing, and comprehensive supportive services. As our country struggles with the devastating crises of homelessness and recidivism, The Doe Fund is motivated to share its proven solutions nationwide.

Work Works is cost-effective, successful, and scalable. We are ready to help communities across America adopt the model to transform lives. We offer technical assistance, training, and in-depth community assessments with recommendations for implementing the Work Works model.

Want to explore the Work Works solution in your community? We’re here to help. Please take this short Needs Assessment survey and we will be in touch shortly!

The Doe Fund’s Work Works model, made famous by Ready, Willing & Able, uplifts people through the transformative power of economic opportunity. Graduates of Ready, Willing & Able are 62% less likely to recidivate than demographically identical individuals. Work Works has the potential to move thousands more off the streets each year, and to save hundreds of millions of dollars through a cost-effective model that leverages earned revenue and better deploys taxpayer funds through investment in human potential.


Regional models, created with the direct involvement of The Doe Fund’s organizational leadership, include RWA Philadelphia, Ready to Work (Boulder and Aurora, CO), Georgia Works (Atlanta and Hall County, GA), and Ready, Willing & Working (Washington, DC).